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The topic of cancer is abundant in it’s diversity of information and therefore challenging to successfully manage on a long term run. There are many therapeutical recommendations for the one or the other biological evidence based therapy method, however also many counterarguments. Neither conventional nor alternative medicine have the problem of cancer control and management fully understood. Those persons affected by the illness often lack the foundation, the fundamental concept of their inner healing strength. They become simple standardized objects of treatment trials. But cancer is a symptom of multifocal collections based on individual, very specific complex synergies of interference fields (triggers).

Cancer raises many questions ! You have already heard or read  powerful informations about the topic „cancer“ and would like to gain clarity and understanding towards your knowledge. With the support of our book, you will come to understand the foundation and therapy approaches towards cancer management and find your own way to healing – through your own will, dedication and commitment.

Let’s say „Yes“ to life again!
Appealing and understandable to every type of reader…

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• Clear overview of each chapter
• 121 color images and 30 tables for illustration
• Clear case studies, practice tips, possible treatment methods and background information


Dr. med Uwe Reuter und Dr. med. Ralf Oettmeier


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